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Let Your Lawns Do The Talking

The Great Outdoors are even greater when Rush Lawn Care is on the job! Follow the feedback from lawn-lovers just like you:

I feel like Rush Lawn has done an exceptional job with my lawn. I am very detail oriented, especially with regard to my yard. I have told them what I do and do not want them to do and they have exceeded my expectations consistently. It is such a pleasure not to have to think about the care of my grass. As a matter of fact, it is so great to drive up to my yard in the evening after work, look out across it, think how perfect it looks, only to realize that the workers from Rush have been there while I was gone.

Pat G.

Happy Customer

This company fertilizes my lawn on pre determined schedule. Lime when needed. Weed control and repeat if necessary. Very satisfied with every aspect of services rendered. Highly recommend this service.

John K.

Happy Customer

My lawn's appearance has improved by leaps and bounds in the 3 years they have been taking care of the fertilization and weed control.

Charles N.

Happy Customer

We had two years worth of pine needles in our backyard. Rush came and took care of all of it in less than 30 minutes. They were very polite and efficient! I would recommend them for anyone’s lawn needs!

Jada S.

Happy Customer

People, you simply must choose this company. I am so happy with the way my yard looks. And they even got the dust and debris off my front porch and furniture. That was way more than I expected. Great job! I will definitely be using them again.

Lorie H.

Happy Customer